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Health Care

The goal is to reduce mortality in households that results from preventable health conditions. Uganda’s maternal and child mortality rates have remained high at 336 deaths per 100,000 live births and 64 deaths per 1000 live births. This coupled with incidence of malaria, Acute Respiratory Infections, diarrhea and failure to complete vaccination schedules provide justification for health care interventions for children and women.

Objectives of the Health Care Program

Promoting child health through delivery under skilled care, immunization, prevention of childhood illnesses and treatment of childhood illnesses. .

Promoting sexual reproductive health and rights through sex education including family planning, promoting antenatal attendance and delivery under skilled care, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.. .

Promoting health behaviors and healthier families following the 5 steps to a healthier family which include; Understanding the consequences of illness, Visiting your health provider early, Save for Health, Meet your health-provider partner and knowing what to expect when you visit a health center. .


Homes reached with health services


Children reached with health services


Adolescents reached with healthcare


VHTs trained


Safe deliveries at health centres


PNC attendance