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Health Care

The goal is to reduce mortality in households that results from preventable health conditions.

Objectives for the Health Care Program

Reduce Child mortality , Reduce maternal mortality and Promote saving for health by promoting the Star life card. .


The Star Life Card is an electronic card (like the usual ATM cards) that enables the holder to save money for health through electronic transfer on the card from Star Life Points and using MTN mobile money. The money is only withdrawn from the card when the person or a signed up beneficiary of his or her card falls sick, in form of payment for health services received from Star life health centres electronically.

starlife card


What is a Star Life Health Card

The Star Life Health Card is a magnetic stripe card that allows holders/owners to save as little as Sh 2,000 on their card at any given time for accessing health services and products at participating health centres/hospitals or pharmacies .

Using Your Star Life Card

When sick or in need of health services, visit your nearest hospital or health facility with a Star life sign. Go to the reception and present your card for services. At the health facility, they will first ascertain the balance on the card so that it can be used to pay for your health services. Health services for Star life card holders will usually be discounted. .

Benefits to Customers

No monthly charges , Access to quality health services , Money saved on the Card does not expire, Access to quality health services at reduced rates for star life member health facilities.The users shall also benefit from social work services and quarterly outreach services that shall be conducted on a quarterly basis.The card allows up to six members of a household to use it to access health care. .

How to get a Star Life Card

Visit an agent with the Star life card sign and ask about the Star life card services.You will be contacted within 24 hours and given all information on how to get a star life card and start saving for your health. Or call the Star Life contact number (0414271702 , 0774688776) to get information on how to get the card.

Buying Your Star Life Card

The holders of the Star life card will generally access services from all participating health facilities. The card has no limits in terms of age, sex and the number of diseases that the holder can get treatment for as long as the holder has enough money saved on the card. Star life card health care offers emergency evacuation services to the nearest available and appropriate medical facility.The Cards available for purchase are; BRONZE CARD ( Sh 11,000), SILVER CARD (Sh 15,000) GOLD CARD (Sh 20,000).

Crediting Your Star Life Card

A Star Life card holder is advised to regularly credit their Star life card at agents with the Star life symbol or using MTN mobile money. For any inquiries or queries, please call Health Child using the following telephone contacts ; Kampala office: 0414271702, Jinja office: 04344244291, 0774688776.If it is a company, you can write a cheque with instructions to credit staff members’ Star life cards.This will be done once the cheque has matured and staff will receive notification.

Crediting Star Life Card using MTN Mobile Money

Step 1: Go to mobile money or dial *165#
Step 2: go to payments
Step 3: choose next 00
Step 4: Choose Goods and services
Step 5: type Health Child code: HEALTHCHILD
Step 6: For reference: enter the last Name on your card and the last 7 digits of your Star life card number
Step 7: type amount
Step 8: confirm payment
Step 9: enter your pin number, You will receive a message that you have sent the money. Your money will be credited onto your card within 24 hours