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Prevention of Violence Against Children

Prevention Of Violence Against Children

The goal is to ensure that all children live, grow and thrive in violence free environments either at home, school or within their communities. Children in Uganda continue to experience violence in all forms including child neglect, emotional abuse, sexual violence and physical violence. Health Child focuses a bulk of its interventions at the home where there are highest chances of violence to occur secondary at school and in the community through partnerships with local leaders.

Objectives of the program

Working with school for violence free school environments.

Promoting positive parenting practices at household level for better parenting outcomes.

Advocacy for improved service delivery and responsiveness towards abuse of children.

Training Community Resource persons and facilitating them to sensitize communities about the importance of child protection and handling cases of children who are violated.

Working with local leaders and policy makers to ensure that policies and laws protect children from abuse.


Children btn 9 -17 reached with activities to prevent violence supported through ECD services like nutrition


Teachers trained to promote safe school environment


Caregivers reached with messages on violence against children


Young men reached to advocate and protect the girl child from sexual abuse and exploitation